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The Survivor Tree

A month after the September 2001 collapse of the Twin Towers in New York City, workers on the site discovered a few green leaves showing through the debris. Underneath, they found a badly injured Callery Pear Tree. She was taken to a City Parks nursery to be cared for, but no one was sure if she would live.

The following spring, a dove built a nest in her branches, and new green buds appeared. Over the years, the tree, although still bearing scars, grew tall and strong. Now known as “The 9/11 Survivor Tree,” she is replanted on the 9/11 Memorial Plaza.

This story, written by Cheryl Aubin and illustrated by Sheila Harrington, imaginatively describes the experiences, memories, and feelings of the tree throughout her healing and her eventual return home.

The book is available on and All profits from its sale go to charity.